Little Nightmares 2 How To Open Door?

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Little Nightmares II Hospital Walkthrough Guide - Six is opening the green door

In Little Nightmares 2 there many doors to open and to unlock. A lot of time to need to solve a puzzle to open the door. Let us go through a number of examples opening doors or breaking through doors.

Little Nightmares II Game Guide - Need to grab wood breaking through door
Mono and Six breaking through the green door

Mono and Six open a green door after defeating a pair of mannequin hands to progress through the hospital. To open a door like this, Mono and Six need to work together to pull the wood off of the door to progress.

Little Nightmares 2 Opening Door - Turning the handle on the door

Other doors work as intended by simply turning the handle. However, due to Mono and Six’s size, it takes their body’s full weight to turn to handle on the door. To open this type of door in Little Nightmares II, Six needs to help Mono up onto the handle. If Six is not available, there should be an item to pull to the door, so Mono can use it to jump onto the handle.

Little Nightmares 2 Opening Door - Door with a padlock

Another door type in Little Nightmares II is a key door. These doors require you to solve key puzzles to obtain the key needed to open the door.

Little Nightmares 2 Opening Door - Door with a hole

There are some doors in Little Nightmares II that you cannot open. However, they normally have a hole Mono can fit through with Six’s help.

Little Nightmares 2 Opening Door - Door with a button

Other doors in Little Nightmares II are powered and require a puzzle to obtain the item needed to power the door and open it.

Little Nightmares 2 Opening Door - Push and pull door

Finally, there’s nothing better than a simple push or pull door. To open these doors in Little Nightmares II, simply push with Mono and Six. If it’s a smaller push door, Mono should be enough to open it. Who doesn’t like a simple door?

Hopefully, this helps you learn how to open doors in Little Nightmares II.

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