League Of Legends Animation Series: Arcane Delays Its Release Until 2021

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During the League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebration last October, Riot Games presented us with a huge amount of new content based on the Summoners’ favorite Universe. One of them was the Arcane animated series.

Riot expected to release Arcane sometime in 2020. However, the League of Legends Universe-based animated series will have to wait a bit longer. Back then, no one expected the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

In a recent official statement,  Ghostcrawler, Creative Director of Development at Riot Games, revealed the complications of working remotely had caused a delay in the dates for the animated series. Because of this, Summons will have to wait until 2021 to be able to enjoy Arcane.

The Official Delay Statement

“Creative development and production are difficult, especially in a world where you can’t see your coworkers in real life. We’ve had video meetings, which help, but don’t replace an office where creative energy can flow.”,  he explained Ghostcrawler.

“Still, we are quite happy with what Riot has been able to deliver this year, despite the pandemic. We recently launched VALORANT, our first FPS, alongside Legends of Runeterra, our first multiplatform game,”  said the Creative Director.

This way, it seems that Riot will continue his work on new games and the animated series with a view to 2021. We hope that next year flourishes and the world have overcome the pandemic.

In any case, while we wait for more details, we leave you with the first and only trailer that you can see from Arcane to date.

The plot of the series will be located in the League of Legends universe and tells the early history of the “Fence” and “Piltover” regions. We already know that the champions VI AND JINX will play a leading role, AD-Carry Caitlyn will also be part of the series.

After the release of Valorant and Legends of Runeterra in the past few months, RIOT GAMES continues to expand its product range – although, with some delay.

More from League of Legends

Recently, the game has released Patch 10.12. Besides as mandatory buffs and nerfs for champions, it is working on the functionality of the runes and the “Spirit” summoning spell.

Senna ADC and Akali have caught Riot’s eye. They will receive buffs in patch 10.12, as will a couple more champions who aren’t particularly strong. She has also set a target for some of the strongest, to cut their wings and balance the goal.

“Hopefully, these changes will help players broaden their horizons when choosing runes, ” said Riot in the patch notes. Specifically, the developer revised “Keeper,” “Attraction,” “Robber,” “Taste of Blood,” and “Unafraid.” These runes are said to be easier to understand and usable for a larger champion pool.

Over the coming weeks, new skins will be added to the shop. Irelia and Senna will also appear in the High Noon variant. They are in good company: The high noon skin is already available for Ashe, Darius, Hecarim, Lucian, Thresh, Urgot, Jhin, Yasuo, and Twisted Fate. It is included with Hextech-Nocturne, a visual adaptation for a well-known juggler appears.

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