Latest The Medium Game Patch Breaks The Game’s Audio

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Latest The Medium Game Patch Breaks The Game’s Audio

Bloober team can’t catch a break. While they quickly broke even with The Medium, they haven’t had the easiest release. They continue to release patches that make things worse than before.

The Medium Already Suffers From Optimization Issues

The Medium Video Game - Marianne in funeral home

Even on the best computers running with the best (and updated) graphics cards, running on an SSD, etc. The Medium still struggles for a steady 60 FPS. Even though Bloober Team’s praise focuses solely on the Xbox Series X/S consoles, it seems they’re not focusing much on the PC version, where many of its player base is.

The New Update For The Medium Game Breaks Its Audio

The Medium Video Game - Marianne Dual Reality Mode

Players are complaining that they lose audio at the title screen. Others are complaining of a random audio drop after the game starts. It looks like the reason why people believe the audio in The Medium is broken is that this recent patch added an option in the audio settings to change the audio output and that it defaults to the wrong output. It seems changing the setting to your desired output fixes the issues. However, others are saying messing with the audio settings didn’t do anything for them. Those who are having audio issues that have nothing to do with the game’s settings might have to wait for a new patch that will, hopefully, get The Medium running as smoothly as intended.

For now, the best experience for those wanting to play The Medium is on the Xbox Series X/S.

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