It’s Time To Stop Mourning The Loss Of P.T. Visage Allows Us To Move On

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It’s Time To Stop Mourning The Loss Of P.T. Visage Allows Us To Move On
It’s Time To Stop Mourning The Loss Of P.T. Visage Allows Us To Move On

Moving on is hard, we know. We’ve all been through phases in our life full of missed opportunities. It’s never good to dwell on the past. P.T., the demo for the Silent Hills game that never came to be, will always have a place in our hearts. However, Visage, it’s spiritual successor, has finally given us the open door we need to move on.

Is Visage Better Than P.T.?

We will never know the answer to the question of which one was better. It wouldn’t be a fair comparison anyway. P.T. was just a playable demo that was only a couple of minutes long. Visage is a full first-person psychological horror game. We’ve played through the early access of Visage for two years, which is already more than we ever had with a short demo of P.T.

What Made P.T So Special?

The reason why we had a hard time getting over P.T. was that it was an experience, unlike anything we’ve ever had. Sure, we had Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and other survival horror games, but there was something different about P.T. It dealt with the supernatural, but it felt so real. When we found out P.T. was supposed to be a Silent Hills game, the internet hit maximum hype, something we rarely ever see. Unfortunately, as quickly as it came into our lives to make an impact, it left.

Can Visage Be What We Need To Move On?

Many people in rebound relationships can move on quickly, especially if the next person is similar to their ex. With Visage hailing itself as the spiritual successor to P.T., it’s easy to figure out why there are so many comparisons between the two.

Once you load up Visage, the memories of P.T. start to wash away as better memories of Visage fill your heart and your mind with joy (and fear).

Are you ready to move on?

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    1. Spoiler alert. Look behind one of the drawings upon one of the walls of the treehouse. After this look on the floor of a box – there is a collectable item in the box. Stay in the treehouse till the floor caves in while a creepy voice keep talking. Then go to Lucy’s room directly – the door will be shut. Walk directly via the Lucy parents room to Lucy’s room.

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