It’s Time For A Harder Difficulty In Phasmophobia

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It’s Time For A Harder Difficulty In Phasmophobia

Even the most terrified of Phasmophobia players play on professional difficulty. That’s because amateur or intermediate difficulty in Phasmophobia hardly possesses any challenge. Many professional players are starting to feel as if the hardest difficulty on Phasmophobia is still relatively easy. Here’s what we’d like to see with a harder difficulty in Phasmophobia.

Multiple Ghosts

Phasmophobia Video Game - Multiple Ghosts

Some professional runs in Phasmophobia only last minutes because (especially in the case of an Oni) some ghosts show their evidence quickly. Many runs end so quickly players don’t get to experience a hunting phase. Adding a second ghost for a higher difficulty would increase the chaos. Imagine finding the ghost type for the first ghost then moving on to the next. Your sanity is low, you’ve used half of your sanity pills, and you now have two ghosts to avoid during a hunt before you can even move on to the next one.

Hunt Regardless Of Sanity

Phasmophobia Video Game - Hunt Regardless Of Sanity

This suggestion might not be the most realistic because people use sanity to help gauge the ghost type. Some ghosts will hunt early in the sanity levels, but imagine these levels didn’t come into play at all. There’s no timer on professional difficulty like there is with the lower difficulties. Theoretically, ghosts could hunt as soon as you open the door, but it never happens unless it’s a bug, but imagine your flashing start to flicker as soon as the door opens. That would make things harder. On bigger maps, it might help the truck person scroll through the different CCTV cameras to spot where the ghost was when the hunt began.

Increase The Ghost’s Speed

Phasmophobia Video Game - Increase Ghost Speed

Everyone’s heart drops when they find out the ghost they’re dealing with is a Revenant. That’s because a Revenant is the fastest ghost in the game. Now, imagine if every ghost had Revenant-level speed. What’s even more terrifying is if the Revenant’s speed also increases on top of its already top speed. It’s terrifying because we still run about the same speed as a snail even when we have the sprint key on a hotkey.

What changes would you like to see with a harder difficulty?

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