It’s Official: Twitch Prime is Now Prime Gaming

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Prime Gaming Announcement
Prime Gaming Announcement

Currently, all Amazon Prime subscribers who enjoy video games know about Twitch Prime. It offers them five free games for PC and some extra benefits for many other titles regardless of the platform of their choice.

Today, Amazon has decided to rename and relaunch its service that will be known as Prime Gaming. Thus, it is matching with other of the company’s offers, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading.

“Prime subscribers already have the latest of TV, movies, and songs. Now we’re widening our gaming range to provide the greatest gaming experience. We ‘re bringing gamers new material that allows playing their favorite games much easier on all platforms. And no matter what sort of games you want and when you enjoy them, they ‘re still going to be better off with Prime Gaming,” said Larry Plotnick, CEO of Prime Gaming, regarding this relaunch.

The Advantage of Prime Gaming

Changes regarding the way Twitch Prime works are scarce at the moment. The same page of the service ensures that it is only a change of name.

This way, consumers can continue to enjoy the same advantages: free games and content as well as a free subscription to a Twitch channel. The service will continue to be accessible via the crown button in the Twitch app.

Perhaps, the only difference at this time has to do with the way to log into the service. Right now, users will not precisely need a Twitch account to enjoy some of the benefits of the service.

For example, many mobile games will have the option to log in with Prime Gaming to take advantage of its benefits. At a meeting last week, Brandon Ove, Brand Director, acknowledged that the process of having multiple accounts active at the same time could be cumbersome for some subscribers.

So, they are trying to simplify the process so that consumers can get all their advantages more easily. Anyway, the service is currently celebrating Neo Geo’s 30th anniversary and features a good selection of the company’s free games for PC.

These include a free Twitch channel membership (if you don’t have Prime, it normally costs roughly $5 a month), a variety of games, and game items (for Apex Legends, etc.)

Rod “Slasher” Breslau has mentioned that the Twitch streamers will have news, with alternatives to “grow the audience” of the players, in addition to participating in future Prime Gaming promotions.

Besides Amazon US, Amazon Prime subscribers in Mexico and Europe have access to free shipping on Prime products, access to Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Prime Gaming.

What Else Can You Expect?

It is not clear, though, whether Amazon has any intentions to adjust the overall mix of rewards and freebies offered with the program. The business seems to be developing a Stadia-like streaming service, Nvidia’s Geforce Now, and xCloud. Such offerings will shortly be combined with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

Amazon is also a game publisher. Though most of its attempts, including the Grand Tour Game and the Crucible, have not been successful.

Even so, it’s not impossible to believe an Amazon-owned subscription will combine the benefits of Twitch, Stadia-style streaming, and various game features for its own app. In reality, there is a solid rumor that the company is preparing to release an MMORPG named New World next year.

So, what do you think?

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David Porter

David Porter

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. Sometimes I am amazed at the value they have with their Prime service and other times I am frustrated by delivery slowdowns and glitches with their streaming service. Right now I’m in love at the thought of Prime Gaming and hope it delivers.

  2. This is great that Twitch Prime will now be Prime Gaming! I don’t have a Twitch account but I do have Amazon Prime, so I hope it’ll be easy to log in and play. I had never heard of any type of gaming on Amazon at all, so this is such a pleasant surprise for me.

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