It’s Not The Final Days Of Amaurot, But It’s The Final Days Of Final Fantasy XIV’s Sale (For Now)

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Final Fantasy XIV’s complete edition and its Shadowbringers expansion are 50% off the Square Enix store until the end of the day on November 30th, 2020. Steam players get an extra day to get it on some hot Viera-on-Hrothgar action in Limsa Lominsa, with the sale ending on December 1st, 2020 for them.

The Perfect Time To Upgrade From A Free Trial

Remember when Square Enix announced the free trial would last through Heavensward and all the rabid FFXIV fans foamed at the mouth to get their friends into the game? Well, now’s your chance to foam at the mouth again and bug your free trial friends to make the commitment to the full game. You might have to cover their eyes and ears through Stormblood (especially those who didn’t much care for the expansion), so they can get to Shadowbringers, and you can introduce them to all of your Final Fantasy XIV husbands like Chai-Nuzz.

What are you waiting for? We might not have another sale like this until Christmas! (Which is only in a couple of weeks, but with everyone on Christmas break now, why not use that time to make a serious commitment for once?)

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