Issues With Housing System Drives Millions of FFXIV Players to World of Warcraft

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Issues With Housing System Drives Millions of FFXIV Players to World of Warcraft
Issues With Housing System Drives Millions of FFXIV Players to World of Warcraft

On April 22nd, 2022, Naoki Yoshida, the producer, and director of a game few have heard about (Final Fantasy XIV) issued a less-than-transparent statement about the housing lottery system issue.

“Once again, please allow me to apologize for the disruption caused by the problems with the housing lottery system introduced in patch 6.1.”

Unfortunately for Naoki Yoshida, a developer known more for falling asleep with cans of Red Bull than his online service for erotic role players, it is too little, too late.

Millions of disgruntled Twitter users have expressed their outrage over this blatant and intentional mistake and have expressed their desire to play the hit MMORPG, World of Warcraft, to prepare for the upcoming Dragonfight expansion.

What Is the Dragonfight Expansion?

The dragons of Azeroth have returned, and this time: It is serious.

Blizzard Entertainment, a developer and publisher with a great reputation for listening to its player base, has decided to bring dragons into World of Warcraft for the very first time.

After the last hit expansion, Shadowlands, Blizzard decided to take everything that was right with Shadowlands (and that was everything) and make a completely new expansion called “Dragonfight” where dragons will fight to become the number one dragon.

Has Naoki Yoshida’s Very Intentional Blunder Cost Him What Little Player base He Had?

Social media has been abuzz about the housing blunder. There were no dividing lines in the outrage. There is no one defending Yoshi-P for his very intentional act. Everyone is angry, and rightfully so.

Not only did millions of players not get a house due to a housing issue, but now they are suspending plot purchases and relocations. Yes, that means players who are paying a hefty monthly subscription will not get the content for which they are paying. Final Fantasy XIV players, who all struggle to pay a monthly subscription but who can also afford three fantasias a week, will have to log in knowing they were mildly inconvenienced.

Fortunately, the smarter players will know to move to World of Warcraft: Dragonfight, where they can get their money’s worth watching dragons fight in a game where the developers actually listen to the player base.

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    1. The article itself is pretty hilarious, but I’m not sure if the fact that MMO fans can’t identify satire this obvious makes it even funnier or just makes it… tragi.

  1. I understand this is an opinion piece but can you please filter the absurd, non-sensical, blatantly fact-opposing opinions?

    Why is this even published?

  2. Dude got so angry about losing the housing lottery that he sat down and wrote whatever this is. If this is satire, it sucks.

  3. Time to quit writing.
    “Intentional mistake” it can’t be intentional and a mistake.
    Sounds like you wrote this after losing the house lottery and are feeling a bit hurt.

  4. Umm, you might want to do your research again. Blizzard is the company that doesnt listen to its player base as its last expansion flopped and millions of players left wow to play ffxiv, and more are still joining. Ffxiv surpassed wow in active and total players.

  5. ROFL!!! This is a joke, right? This has to be satirical. It was such a cringe read! Hahahaha. WoW would have to pay me to get me to go there again. I’ll keep shoveling my money to FFXIV and my 8 additional retainers.

    1. I had to re read it like 3 times cause my brain couldn’t comprehend what it was saying I thought I was reading it wrong

  6. So now journalists are taking money from Blizzard to do hit pieces? Lol. Dude seriously doesnt deserve to be called a journalist.

  7. The anger… The copium…. That’s why I left WoW they never hear what we want…

  8. This has to be a satire piece right? If you really did any research you would know WoW is the one that lost a huge amount of players, FF gained more and continues to daily even with the housing bug stuff, yes people are upset but people also know bugs happen and that things take time.

    If this article is real, are you that butt hurt over losing a house?

  9. I genuinely can’t tell if this is poorly written satire of just someone who’s fucking stupid.

    1. It’s definitely shitty satire, the WoW xpac is DragonFLIGHT and has absolutely nothing to do with anything he said there.

    2. You’re not very bright if you even consider that this might not be satire. I don’t think the author could have made it more obvious.

  10. Congratulations, this is officially the worst article I’ve ever read. I’ve never seen so much bias, exaggeration and just straight up incorrect information in one place.

  11. Sounds like a lot of butt hurt from a WoW fan boy. Ive not heard of a single person talk of moving to WoW because of this hiccup. And to describe Yoshi P’s communication as non-transparent is just laughable. I’d be embarised to have my name on this article.

  12. We blowing blizzard now? If you like wow, you can fuck off to that shitty game. Blizzard Activision doesnt care about players. Hurry and leave already so I can get a house.

  13. Hahaha nice bait article. WoW dev’s “listening to their community” Bahahaha the satire is too much.

  14. Wow, not sure if bot-generated click bait or butthurt WoW fanboi, but either way, this is the lowest form of factually incorrect, slanderous libel tripe. The author should never, ever write again. Except maybe their resignation.

  15. I’m 40 years old, and I have never commented on an internet post, but… this… there isn’t even a place to begin to refute the comedic misrepresentation here. The seething, disingenuous vitriol here is evident in each sentence. Even in his description of what games he covers… CONSOLE games like FFXIV…. what editor rubber stamped this?

  16. Even as satire, this is in poor taste. You know there are fools who will read this, take it seriously, and start spreading rumors that this issue was much worse than it really was. Bad call, mate.

  17. Even as satire, this is in poor taste. You know there are some fools out there who are going to read this, take parts of it seriously, and start spreading rumors that this issue was much worse than it actually was. Bad call, mate.

  18. The article writer should be ashamed of spending the last few brain cells he had on writing this envy-fueled hit piece. What a loser. I’m blacklisting this entire site from my news feeds just because of this joker.

  19. If this is how you write articles for anything you should seriously reconsider your career cause this is not an article, this is an angry Twitter post lol

  20. This is so full of false information it either has to be satire or this knob was paid by blizzard to make it seem like they are in gamers good graces again. Seriously, anyone can pull up stats and see how wrong this is.

  21. This is either sarcasm or the worst attempt at shilling for Blizzard I’ve ever seen. Not funny or ironic. It’s just cringe.

  22. B. Michael Logan. Your either don’t play Final Fantasy XIV or you are WoW fanboy. Or both. It matters not. What matters is your blatant disrespect for the title of “journalist”. The mistake was not intentional. If so, prove it with facts and quote a credible source that support your accusations. The messages posted by Yoshi P on The Lodestone were definitely tranparent. They indicated the cause and next step that will be taken to resolve the issue. Also, no one missed out. The actual winner is still recorded in the database and they will be awarded their winings. You, sir, are a fucking idiot. Please do not EVER call yourself a “journalist” ever again. This was an opinionated hit piece, olain and simple. And before you call me a FFXIV fanboy, no, I don’t hate WoW. I’ve actually played more WoW than FFXIV. Just quit journalism, you suck really hard at it.

  23. Can I just point out that not a single comment is defending your article? I wonder why…

  24. He……. He’s not serious is he? Jesus I guess I can be a writer of this is the standard.

  25. So this soy boy get very little views on his other FFXIV posts, then lashes out with a red top tabloid “piece” and then hides his profile lol. @b-micheal-logan sounds like your vulva is hurt. Maybe you should rush down to your nearest Tesco and pick up some Feminax. Good luck with those mood swings.

  26. I’m sorry, who’s this whiny little protected tweet piss baby and why is he so desperate t get people to migrate to a dead mmo? lol.

  27. Did Quantum TV write this? Sounds like something hr would write just because he had 1 bad day in a game lol.

  28. Do you even proofread your work? How are, so called, “Millions” of players going to leave to play WoW’s new expansion Dragonflight if you repeatedly use Dragonfight as it’s title! /eyeroll

  29. The Fact that people don’t know this is blatant satire makes me fear for humanity

  30. Obviously a WoW player wrote this, what research do you have to back this up? Fucking idiot, nobody wants to play your shitty dead WoW, that game died and it should stay buried.

  31. Aww boo hoo hoo little piddlepants baby so upset they lose the housing lottery they gonna cry

  32. Yeah, this is a garbage article. Obviously biased in favor of Blizzard/WoW. WoW was fun lich king and previous, but is dying now dude. Get over it. Yoshi and the crew are human and they make mistakes. They’re not intentionally messing up their game. You sound ridiculous.

  33. B. Michael Logan, I regret to inform you that someone’s hijacked your account and is using it to write ridiculous articles in your name. Please change your passwords and review your security practices.

  34. this guy as an idiot if her
    thinks everyone is going back to wow and millions are leaving ff14

  35. I know this is a late post but did anyone else catch the DragonFIGHT error the expansion is called DragonFLIGHT

  36. I am right this moment resubbing to World of War Craft. I can’t wait to fight dragons in Dragonfight. The best expansion since Shadowlands, where everything was done correctly. I can not believe that Final Fantasy 14 is a dead game.

  37. I’m a warcraft die hard, never have and never will play final fantasy, and even I can tell you this article is awful, does this guy know what he’s talking about ??

  38. And this everyone, is the saltiness of what happens when toxic jackasses probably paid rl money for the gil and can’t get a house even with not having to out in the work.

    Like grow up and please go back to whatever hole you came from, because as far as the true fan base of this game, it happens bitch go back to your toys or being a troll behind the scenes k thanks.

  39. Lol mate, you sound salty.🌸 Terrible headline, by the way; “millions” (doubtful, let’s see the proof) of Twitter users “talking” about moving to WoW (also doubtful, if you pay any attention, at all, to the community conversation around that game) doesn’t equate to anyone actually migrating. Misleading and inaccurate headline; bad point right off the bat.

    Lol and, uh… “Hit MMO World of Warcraft”? You do know we can all check the numbers ourselves, right, and see that they’re hemorrhaging players? The simple fact that you had to explain what this…what was it? Dragonsong? Oh, lol no… “DragonFIGHT”. It’s totally different, guys. 😂 The fact that you had to explain what it was shows how much hype there is.

    Oh, lol and the housing system has been suspended temporarily while they fix the problem, to ensure that everyone who should have won a house still gets one. Most folks are actually pretty chill about it, since we’ve been guaranteed our winnings anyways. It’s been nice of them to address the issue and fix it in such a quick manner, to be frank. But I guess a WoW diehard with this much copium in his system wouldn’t really understand what that’s like, to be fair.

    Anyways, all in all, gotta rate this article a 2/10. You’ve got a fine enough grasp of the English language, but it’s riddled with inaccuracies, utilizes purposely misleading headlines and unbacked information from doubtful-at-best sources, and absolutely bleeds a very obvious bias out of every hole. To be fair, no one is unbiased. But when you start making stuff up in your articles to tickle that bias, well, that’s a little less neat, Cupcake. Anyways, you have a dandy day. 😊

  40. I’m assuming this must be a joke bit as a WoW player without much time in FFXIV this really should be tagged as satire or just not exist. It’s very poorly written unless it’s made clear that the tone is satirical. And even then as someone who has no idea of the housing situation in FF… how am I supposed to interpret this? Nonsense.

  41. I can’t believe so many people can read the words “INTENTIONAL MISTAKE” and think this is being serious. Also do you have to have to only make a joke on April first? This is fucking hilarious and that’s the point of this. Reading shit like “Blizzard Entertainment, a developer and publisher with a great reputation for listening to its player base, has decided to bring dragons into World of Warcraft for the very first time.” Is funny as fuck. Holy shit go down your fantasias guys, clearly you get way too inconvenienced over something minor. My God. Who the fuck would even swap to WoW over housing which HAS NO HOUSING? lol think for a second about it.

  42. For everyone in the comments saying they “can’t tell if this is satire” the title alone clues it in as satire. Please learn critical thinking skills.

  43. Is it a bad thing that I actually thought you were a delusional WoW fanboy before reading the comments?

  44. This is bs. Yoshi doesn’t ignore his player base, in fact people have asked for lottery housing for years and they’ve had to prioritize other more critical issues as well as new content and having to do all this during a pandemic. Yes it has bugs, yes he’s had to suspend house buying/relocating whilst his team fixes it. There’s plenty other things in the game to do, it’s not like having no house breaks the whole game. What a super biased opinion from an obvious WoW fanboy to state otherwise.

  45. This article is trash. I stopped reading after the absurd assertion that “millions” were lost. You just can’t throw numbers like that without any proof. Housing is fun and all, but has no effect on actual gameplay itself.

  46. When 15$ a month is considered hefty monthly subscription… you must still live in your parents basement…

  47. I feel like I got dupped by this article. Is it satire? Did I eat the onion or am I just stupid? What is this I need answers.

  48. The amount of people that do NOT know that this is satire makes me fear for the intelligence level of our FFXIV community. Then again, considering the forums, idk why I’m surprised. Good article. I had quite a few chuckles.

  49. I couldn’t stop laughing at this mess, as queue times are starting to get a little long again.. Has to be a late April Fools joke.

  50. This has to be a joke… They could give me money to go back to WoW and I would never do it. If the housing system makes you so angry, take a step back and do something else.

  51. If this website becomes The Onion of game jornalism, I’ll subscribe for all posts and share the shit out of it with my friends!

  52. “a game where the developers listen” I literally laughed out loud. That is why wow is almost dead because they will not listen

  53. Oh please, it was a system error- that happens, you’re only trying to spark a fire that isn’t even there. The people complaining are probably former wow players anyway. XIV hasn’t had nearly as many dev issues as wow and very little BS with their team. Get out of the bitter barn dude!

  54. Millions, this game was never good and god I can’t wait to go walk on water with my homies Dragonfight is so good and clearly not a furry cash grab like the Vulpera

  55. I’m certain this is satire. “Bringing dragons to World of Warcraft for the first time.” Reference to players struggling to pay a monthly sub while buying items from the mpg shop three times a week. Read it again assuming it’s a joke and you’ll see all the tongue in cheek word choices.

  56. Obvious joke article that couldn’t be more obvious that it’s a joke article. And then I read the comments, and understood that most people have zero reading comprehension. Either everyone just read the title, or they’re just… Well, idiots.

  57. As funny as the article was, I’m not sure if the fact so many MMO players are getting personally victimized by pants-on-head obvious satire is funny or… just tragic, really

  58. Absolutely beautiful piece. I was laughing from start to finish. I think I’ve found a journalist to follow.

  59. This was probably the weirdest article I have read.

    1) The housing issue has been more than fixed up. They post and said they KNOW they messed up and working to fix it
    2) WoW: Heavensward – Wouldn’t surprise me if this is when Nosdormu goes mad
    3) FF14 and WoW are uncomfortable.
    4) Play FF14 Sometime… look how many people actually ran back to WoW.

    As a 15 previous WoW player, after ALL THE BS WoW has made us grind out pointlessly, out of all the cash grab mounts and such, Shadowlands, imo, was thr biggest derp…. it was worse than Draenor. The Lore is all over the place, and one expansion will NEVER magically fix it.

    This article was a joke.

  60. Okay, alright. You got me. I was tripped up for a second, and I admit it, I got got for a second. But also, the entire time I was laughing my ass off. When I realized this was satire I just laughed harder. Kudos, Mr. Logan.

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