Is Visage Worth Its Price Tag On Steam?

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Is Visage Worth Its Price Tag On Steam

If you look at the price tag for Visage on Steam, you’ll see the game hasn’t moved from its price of $34.99. Even during the most recent sale on Steam, Visage held the price steadfast at $35, so we don’t expect the game to drop in price or go on sale anytime soon. For those who want to get their hands on the game, is Visage worth it?

If You Want To Scare Yourself: Yes

Visage Video Game Screenshot

When P.T. failed us, Visage stepped in and gave us hope. However, the game was in development for almost half a decade. While other games like Amnesia and Outlast kept us satisfied, we needed the hyper-realistic environment that games like P.T. (Silent Hills) was supposed to give us, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard kind of gave us. If you’re looking to get the pants scared off of you, then Visage is the scariest horror game in recent years.

If You Don’t Want To Put Up With Bugs: Maybe

Visage Video Game First Scenes

Like any game, it has some bugs. Some report game-breaking bugs, while others report minor annoyances. Visage has some bug fix patches around the corner, so maybe it’s worth waiting until then if you can’t justify the cost.

If You Want An Intriguing Story With Challenging Puzzles: Yes

Visage Video Game Ghost

The puzzles in Visage are challenging. Some would say they’re aggravating. It’s not easy getting through some of the puzzles while you need to worry about managing your sanity and resource management. The lower your sanity, the more often you’re hunted. It’s a concept similar to Phasmophobia. You won’t have a dull moment in the game as each chapter keeps your toes curled, wondering what will happen next.

While $35 is pretty steep for an indie game, we have to say (despite some bugs that have planned fixes) Visage is worth the price.

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