Is Visage Currently In VR?

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Is Visage Currently In VR
Is Visage Currently In VR

Visage has been in development for some time ever since its Kickstarter was funded. However, it was well worth the wait because it is one of the scariest games of all time. It took the crown from a short-lived demo PlayStation 4 users had with the P.T. demo. While there are other survival horror games out there, there’s nothing quite like the sheer anxiety-inducing horror that only Visage brings right now.

What Systems Is Visage On?

Right now, Visage is only available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. No one knew the game would release for consoles until the last minute when we were all shocked since the early access was only on PC, and there was no mention of a console release. However, those who like to slap on a virtual reality headset and immerse themselves in horror games like Phasmophobia want to know if Visage is currently in VR?

Does Visage Support VR?

Right now, there is no support for virtual reality with Visage. However, even with a mouse and keyboard, it’s still a truly terrifying experience, but people still want to know if Visage will ever support VR in the future.

Will Visage Ever Support VR?

The developer, since releasing Visage, has been relatively quiet. It’s not surprising, seeing as they’ve been working on the game for a little over half a decade. They deserve some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, we do not have a roadmap to refer to as to whether the game will be in VR, have any future DLC, or if the game is completely done.

Only time will tell whether or not we’ll get jump scared by Lucy in virtual reality.

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