Is Visage Available For The Xbox One

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Is Visage Available For The Xbox One
Is Visage Available For The Xbox One

When Visage was announced as the spiritual successor to P.T. by 2015, many were wondering if the game would come out for any of the consoles. Visage was in development for half a decade with a promise for a 2018 release date. However, the game sat in an early access phase for two years with two chapters releasing between 2018 and 2019.

When Was The Official Release Date Set?

Visage’s initial release date was set to 2018. However, things went quiet until February 2020 when SadSquare Studio, the developer behind Visage, announced the game was imminent with a Fall 2020 release. A week before Visage was released, SadSquare confirmed the release date of October 30th, 2020.

Is Visage Available For The Xbox One?

The day Visage released in late October, many were surprised to find that, despite the game only being on Steam for early access, there was an Xbox One version. That means Xbox One players who want to spook themselves from the comfort of their own couches were able to book up their consoles and purchase Visage.

Is The Xbox One Version Of Visage The Full Release?

Yes, the version of Visage on the Xbox One is the full release of the game. Visage is no longer in its early access, or beta build.

That means players who were mourning the loss of P.T. can enjoy Visage with their Xbox One consoles.

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