Is There Anything You Can Do When You’re Dead In Phasmophobia?

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Is There Anything You Can Do When You’re Dead In Phasmophobia
Is There Anything You Can Do When You’re Dead In Phasmophobia

So you were the bait in Phasmophobia, and now you’re dead. The last thing the person in the truck saw through your head-mounted camera was your feeble attempt to hide in the corner of the ghost room like that could save you. Now you’re floating around as a ghost, able to see everything the ghost who killed you can see. Can you join the ghost in killing the others? Can you help your fellow hunters from the afterlife?

What Can You Do When You’re Dead In Phasmophobia?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This isn’t like Among Us, where you can continue doing your tasks as if that’s the first thing anyone wants to do when they die: chores. You float around in the afterlife while your other hunters try to figure out what killed you so you can magically resurrect back into the lobby.

Is There Really Nothing You Can Do In Phasmophobia When You’re Dead?

Unfortunately, no. However, many people are suggesting some ideas of how the dead person can assist from the afterlife:

One suggestion was to have a way for the dead person to continue setting up items even from the great beyond. However, that would ruin a bit of the immersion (and make the game more comedic), watching a tripod floating through the air.

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one frustrated by the lack of stuff to do as a ghost. The game is still in its early access phase, so, understandably, there’s no content for the dead yet.

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