Is There A Way To Disable Friendly Fire In Left 4 Dead 2?

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Is There A Way To Disable Friendly Fire In Left 4 Dead 2

We can think of three things that aren’t very fun in video games:

  • Losing
  • Forgetting to save
  • Getting killed by teammates

The intention of friendly-fire was to make video games more challenging when aiming instead of spraying, praying, and getting to shoot enemies through your friends. Unfortunately, people figured out you can use it to troll teammates in games and make it impossible to play unless you remove them.

Is There Friendly Fire In Left 4 Dead 2?

Unfortunately, there is friendly-fire in Left 4 Dead 2. That means you can try moving through a level to get to the objective, only to have someone you thought was fighting alongside you, shoot you in the back.

It’s frustrating, yes, which is why there should be a way to disable friendly-fire.

Can You Disable Friendly-Fire In Left 4 Dead 2?

On the official dedicated servers, there’s no way to disable friendly-fire. If you have someone turning on you when you just want to vibe and play the game, the only option you have is searching for them on Steam and blocking their account. It is possible to turn off friendly-fire on local or rented servers, or with mods, but there’s not too much you can do unless you only play with friends.

If you have someone griefing you in Left 4 Dead 2 by taking advantage of the fact that there’s no friendly-fire, then Steam block is your only friend. If anything, bring a friend with you, so you can have some backup in case they try stabbing you in the back. It’s rule number one of any zombie movie. Don’t go anywhere without backup.

You can’t trust other humans.

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