Is There A Way To Add Friends On Phasmophobia

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Is There A Way To Add Friends On Phasmophobia
Is There A Way To Add Friends On Phasmophobia

If you haven’t already found a good Discord to find other players to organize Phasmophobia games yet, then you’re stuck in joining-and-praying with public groups. Sometimes, joining random Phasmophobia groups isn’t a terrible experience. I joined a public group the other day, and we all had fun together, but when the group was done, we were done. They were people I’ll most likely never see again.

Is There A Friend’s List On Phasmophobia?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to add friends on Phasmophobia. This is sad news for those who meet cool people in public lobbies, only to have them disappear the next round if their game crashes or the lobby bugs out.

How Can You Add Friends You Meet In Phasmophobia?

Just because there’s no native friend’s list in Phasmophobia doesn’t mean you can’t play with them in the future. There are a couple of ways you can meet up in the future. You would need to get their consent first to see if friending each other and meeting up later is a mutual desire.

  • Ask for each other’s Discord codes.
  • See if they have a Discord server you can join.
  • Ask for each other’s Steam code.

Since Phasmophobia is only available on Steam (it isn’t available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox yet), you’re only going to meet other players from Steam, so they’ll have a Steam code you can ask for.

Hopefully, Kinetic Games has a way to add friends through Phasmophobia in the future. It would also be nice to have a “Join Session” option in-game if you see they started a lobby from your friend’s list.

What do you hope to see with a friend’s list in Phasmophobia?

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