Is The Xbox Series S Better Than The PlayStation 5?

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Xbox Series S compared with Playstation 5
Xbox Series S compared with Playstation 5

When it comes to stoking the flames of an almost never-ending console war, leave it to video game websites to continue the discussion. It’s almost as if gamers are starting to realize that it doesn’t matter which system you play on since cross-play is becoming the norm with developers. However, console exclusive titles continue to be a thing if only to have something that keeps people on the internet in the eternal struggle of the “mine is better” mindset. Fortunately, that’s what drives clicks and ad revenue, so let’s take a look at whether the newly leaked Xbox Series S is better than the PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series S

Keep in mind, the Xbox Series S was leaked before Microsoft could get the word out themselves. No one even knew of the existence of anything other than an Xbox Series X. Well, we knew there was going to be a disc-less system, but we figured it was just the Xbox Series X without a disc drive. However, there are some noticeable differences between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X compared with Xbox Series S

As you can see, the Xbox Series X is noticeably weaker than the Xbox Series X, but how does it stack up against the PlayStation 5?

Is The Xbox Series S Better Than The PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 has yet to reveal its price even though Microsoft had to pull the trigger early. Right now, it looks like the Xbox Series X will be nominally stronger than the PlayStation 5, but how does it compare to the Xbox Series S?

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  1. I’m team Xbox all the way, but it would seem that the Playstation 5 will be better than the Xbox Series S. Nothing will beat the Xbox Series X, though.

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