Is The Voice Chat Not Working In Labyrinthine?

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Is The Voice Chat Not Working In Labyrinthine
Is The Voice Chat Not Working In Labyrinthine

Getting mangled by a creature out in a hedge maze is scary, but it’s even scarier when you can’t communicate with the person you’re playing with. Labyrinthine is relatively new to Steam, only coming out a little under a month ago. It, like Phasmophobia, is still in its early access stage. Of course, if a game is playable, some players will assume it’s ready to go without understanding what “early access” means.

Are There Bugs And Other Issues In Labyrinthine?

There’s bound to be a couple of issues with the game just coming out, especially one that’s not even into its beta testing phase yet. Some issues players have run into when playing Labyrinthine are:

When you’re playing a cooperative game, voice chat is everything.

Voice Chat In Labyrinthine Sometimes Has Issues

You could load up Labyrinthine and have a perfectly smooth one or two hours of gameplay, or you could have a game where the voice chat is a complete mess:

  • There’s a delay in the voice chat.
  • The voice chat is garbled.
  • The voice chat doesn’t work at all.

We wouldn’t suggest taking the time to restart your PC, Steam, or verifying your game files, as it’s most likely on the voice server’s side. However, you’re free to try those general fixes anyway for your own peace of mind. For now, we’ll have to rely on Discord as a backup means of communication in Labyrinthine.

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