Is The Sims 4: Snowy Escape Worth It?

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Is The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Worth It
Is The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Worth It

We’re all still biding our time until The Sims 5, the game we’re hoping can save the series, but for now, we’re reluctantly accepting anything EA sends our way because we feel we have no other options. However, for the price tag of $39.99 on Origin, we want to make sure it’s worth buying our way into a Japanese-inspired Sims 4 expansion.

Snowy Escape Has Its Fair Share Of Bugs

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but The Sims 4: Snowy Escape has a couple of bugs and glitches, even for players who don’t use mods or CC:

  • The game crashes entirely when playing.
  • Entire lots are bugged.
  • Sims unable to complete basic tasks.
  • Other frustrating bugs that might make players think twice about Snowy Escape until a decent patch fix.

If you find your Sims are bugged in one of the rental lots, then try another one.

New Create-A-Sims Items

There’s no Sims without customizing your Sims with different hair, clothing, and accessories. However, the Create-A-Sims items are a bit lacking, especially for expansion-sized content.

For the price of $39.99, the Create-A-Sims content is a bit underwhelming. Except for one hairstyle, there’s nothing that really jumps out from Snow Escape. If anything, it might be worth picking up the expansion as an overpriced stuff pack because of some of the interesting build mode items.

Snow Escape Gameplay Seems Repetitive

We were hoping the gameplay would be the silver lining for the Sims 4: Snowy Escape, but honestly, we were bored a couple of days in. The introduction of Lifestyles and Sentiments was a nice addition, but the community is a bit split about the little overhaul we had to our Sims’ personalities.

All-in-all, throwing a Japanese-theme on top of reusing older packs and slapping a “new expansion” cover on it without too much gameplay doesn’t make Snowy Escape worth the full-price. However, it is worth picking up if it ever goes on sale to justify its worth as a glorified stuff pack for build mode items.

Have you picked up The Sims 4: Snowy Escape? What do you think about it?

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