Is The Resident Evil Village Demo For The PlayStation 5 Only?

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Is The Resident Evil Village Demo For The PlayStation 5 Only

Many Resident Evil fans want to know if the Resident Evil demo is only available for the PS5. During the most recent Resident Evil Showcase, a demo was announced by the name of “Maiden.”

Is Maiden Only Available For The PS5?

Resident Evil Vilage - Maiden PS5 Exclusive Visual Demo

Maiden was announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive visual demo. The demo for Resident Evil Village was a visual demo only and had no combat gameplay. This demo was only meant to show off the visual power of the PlayStation 5 and how beautiful Resident Evil Village will look on the system. Unfortunately, those on other systems like the PC and Xbox Series S/X had to sit back and watch PlayStation 5 players explore Alcina Dimitrescu and her three daughters’ castle.

Will There Be A Resident Evil Village Demo For Other Systems?

Resident Evil Vilage - Alcina Main Character in Video Game

Yes, it was already confirmed a Resident Evil Village demo will be available for other systems in Spring 2021.

Are you looking forward to playing Resident Evil Village?

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