Is The PlayStation 5 Not Worth Getting Until 2021?

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Is The PlayStation 5 Not Worth Getting Until 2021
Is The PlayStation 5 Not Worth Getting Until 2021

There’s been frustration, nothing but frustration over Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. Everything was going so well. The Xbox was forced to play their hand early because their stuff was “leaked.”

I put “leaked” in quotation marks because there’s a cynical side of me that believes Microsoft perpetuated the leak in order to get the price war started. It looked like Sony or Microsoft wasn’t going to pull the trigger until the other did, but it was starting to get close to the release window of “holiday 2020” when both systems had planned on releasing anyway.

Finally, the PlayStation 5 Showcase blessed our lives with the information we were hoping for: The price and release date. Not only that, but we were going to enjoy pre-ordering the next day. Everything was going to go so smoothly.

Of course, in typical 2020 fashion, it didn’t go so smoothly. Maybe retailers didn’t get the memo, maybe Sony forgot to add something important in the memo, or maybe society didn’t deserve a smooth release process because some of us still don’t want to wear masks. We were supposed to lay our heads sound asleep the night of the PlayStation 5 Showcase and wake up to a smooth pre-order process. However, that was not the case at all. In fact, many woke up to find out there was a chance they wouldn’t get the PlayStation 5 at all.

Some fumbled hard.

In typical Mad Max-style of chaotic anarchy online, websites started crashing, retailers ran out of PlayStations available for pre-orders, and angry Sony fans took to the virtual streets of Twitter and Facebook to riot. This got me thinking, does Sony’s launch lineup really warrant choking each other Home Simpson-style?

What are we getting as launch titles? Demon’s Souls? Okay. Godfall? Maybe. Sackboy: A Big Adventure? Sure? Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Yes, worth every penny.

But what are we getting in 2021?

Actually, none of these are PlayStation 5 exclusives but, to be fair, one or two titles during launch are not worth the headache of trying to fight for a PlayStation 5 pre-order. You might not be one of the first to enjoy it, but the need to be one of the first to own something is such a weird mindset to have anyway (unless you’re a popular streamer. Emphasis on “popular”).

Long story short: it might be worth waiting. Don’t stress yourself out.

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