Is The Medium Playable With Minimum System Requirements?

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Is The Medium Playable With Minimum System Requirements

So far, The Medium game doesn’t seem very optimized, even for players with a higher-end computer. That’s not good news for those who saw the minimum requirements for The Medium and thought they could still run it by turning almost everything off and to the lowest graphical settings possible.

Can You Play The Medium With The Minimum System Requirements?

The Medium Game Dual Reality Playable With Minimum Requirements

If your computer barely passes or meets the minimum system requirements, you might be in trouble. Even players who have the game installed on an SSD, updated their graphics cards, and can play on the game’s highest settings are still experiencing drops in frame rate regardless of their settings. Players playing The Medium while barely meeting the minimum system requirements state the game is unplayable.

Is The Medium Optimized?

The first complaint you see across different social platforms are players who believe the game isn’t optimized. Even the developer has addressed the performance issue by confirming performance patches are in the works. However, this wasn’t enough to keep some players around or keep them from seeking refunds for the game. Some got through the first part of the story just fine, but then state their performance completely tanks when they enter the Niwa hotel.

For a game voted one of the most anticipated games of 2021, it’s a little disappointing. How is your experience with The Medium game so far?

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