Is The Medium Game Worth It?

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Is The Medium Game Worth It

If you’re playing The Medium through Xbox Game Pass, then you’re not risking much except for hard drive space. However, those playing The Medium game through other platforms like Steam might have a hard time justifying the game’s price in its current state.

How Long Is The Medium?

The Medium Video Game - Marianne with dog in Forest

While any game’s length is as long as you make it, The Medium has a gameplay average of six minutes. Some claim they’re finishing the game in only four hours, but others believe that’s only achievable by skipping every cutscene. Keep in mind, a lot of The Medium’s time is spent watching cutscenes since it is a story-based game. Many say the game can be up to ten hours long, but we’re not seeing anyone spending more than ten hours on the game.

Is The Medium Worth Buying?

The Medium Video Game - Marianne in spiritual world

The Medium has been rife with bugs, stuttering, and other issues since its launch. The game is currently 44.99 USD on Steam. If you don’t care about playing the game for its story regardless of any graphical issues, then it’s worth picking up for the story alone. You might not enjoy the clunkiness of the controls or the camera angles. Since the game is still poorly optimized, you might want to wait until picking up The Medium if it ever goes on sale on Steam. However, if you’re okay with paying its current price with the issues The Medium is experiencing, you’ll get your money’s worth in the horror aspect and storytelling alone.

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