Is The Medium Game Getting A Physical Release?

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Is The Medium Game Getting A Physical Release
Is The Medium Game Getting A Physical Release

Despite the rise in digital gaming signaled by console-makers creating a digital-only system, some still enjoy the smell of a new game in their hands (much like we used to love the smell of old books). That’s why there are those wondering if the upcoming psychological-horror game, The Medium, will get a physical release.

What Is The Medium?

The Medium Game Announcement

The Medium is one of the most anticipated games of 2021. Despite some controversy surrounding its pricing, many are still awaiting the arrival of this dark mystery game. Using patented dual-reality gameplay, players use psychic abilities to survive and solve puzzles in an expansive physical and spirit world. However, some gamers are concerned that they cannot purchase a physical copy of The Medium from retailers.

Is The Medium Getting A Physical Release?

The Medium Game Announcement Extended

If you try to pre-order The Medium, one of the first places you’ll check is the Xbox website. However, the only thing you’re prompted to do is pre-order digitally or sign up for Xbox Game Pass. We looked through all the major retailers, and we do not see anything as far as a physical pre-order is concerned. Unfortunately, for those wanting to solve dark mysteries after interesting a physical disc into their Xbox Series X, you’ll have to make do with a digital pre-order and pre-download onto your Xbox Series X or Microsoft Windows PC.

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