Is The Crucifix Bugged In Phasmophobia

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Is The Crucifix Bugged In Phasmophobia
Is The Crucifix Bugged In Phasmophobia

So you’ve found the ghost room, and now you need to get all your equipment set up to try to find evidence. However, if you’re playing on professional or the timer has run out for the lower difficulties, and the ghost has a chance of haunting you, so you’re tasked to place a crucifix in the room. Unfortunately, you place it down, the lights start to flicker, and the ghostly hands wrap around your face to end your life. Was the crucifix bugged?

How Does The Crucifix In Phasmophobia Work?

You’re only allowed two crucifixes max per round.

  • Placing it on the ground will stop a ghost from hunting if it tries to spawn within three meters of the crucifix.
  • Banshees are weaker to crucifixes and will stop a hunt within five meters.
  • There’s no animation if a crucifix stops a hunt.
  • A crucifix only has two charges. After it uses up a charge, it disappears.
  • There are claims a crucifix charge can be used by throwing the crucifix at the ghost during a hunt, but there is no confirmation of this.

It’s smart to have one crucifix at one of the room and another at the other end. This will ensure you have enough coverage to get set up for collecting evidence unhindered by a hunt, but what if the ghost was able to spawn anyway? Does that mean the crucifix is bugged?

Is The Crucifix Bugged?

There are a couple of signs a crucifix is bugged in Phasmophobia:

  • The ghost spawns directly on the crucifix and is still able to kill players (keep in mind, a manifestation is different from a hunt).
  • The crucifix falls through the floor when thrown on the ground.
  • The player isn’t able to pick up the crucifix at all after being thrown on the ground.

If you believe your items are bugged in Phasmophobia, there are a couple of things the developer has suggested to try:

  •  Restart your game.
  •  Verify integrity of game files (right-click on Phasmophobia in Steam -> Local Files tab -> Verify integrity of game files).
  •  Play on Beta instead to see if that fixes your problem (view #read-me for more info).
  •  Switch to Beta and then switch back to the stable build and try completing a tutorial.

Let us know if that helps you fix your crucifix issue in the early access build of Phasmophobia.

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