Is Phasmophobia On PS4

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Is Phasmophobia On PS4

Everyone is talking about the indie-horror game, Phasmophobia, because of how absolutely scary it is. People love to spook themselves, and that’s evident from all the streamers falling out of their chairs screaming in fear. It’s tempting to want to get into this horror sensation. But what about players whose computers don’t meet the minimum requirements for Phasmophobia?

Is Phasmophobia On The PlayStation 4?

It makes sense for Phasmophobia to be on the PS4, especially since the system has its own VR technology. Phasmophobia, even without VR, is still very fun. Unfortunately, the game is still in its early access phase on Steam. Much like Visage’s early access, all of the early builds were on Steam only.

Will Phasmophobia Be On The PlayStation 4?

Right now, there are no current plans to release Phasmophobia for the PS4. However, it would make sense to branch out to PlayStation players. When Visage was released, many were surprised it showed up for the PlayStation 4. The horror gaming community though Visage, would be a PC-only game. Hopefully, Phasmophobia follows the same idea. Now, Visage players can sit back from the comfort of their couches and scare themselves silly with a controller.

The fact that Phasmophobia does have controller support means a PS4 port of the game is likely to happen. It seems Kinetic Games is merely testing it out to see if it’s possible. Hopefully, it is. If and when Phasmophobia releases for the PS4, we’re hoping that there’s crossplay with PC players.

Do you want Phasmophobia for the PlayStation 4?

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