Is Phasmophobia Available On MacOS

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Is Phasmophobia Available On MacOS
Is Phasmophobia Available On MacOS

Many interested Phasmophobia players found the game through their favorite Twitch streamer or YouTuber, and now they want to try the game for themselves. That’s when macOS users go through the painfully heartbreaking process of going to the Steam store, scrolling, and hoping to see the word “macOS.” Unfortunately, the words never appear, like a ghost that doesn’t use a ghostwriting book.

Is Phasmophobia Available On MacOS?

Right now, the answer is no, Phasmophobia isn’t available for macOS. However, you’ve seen some players able to enjoy this scary ghost hunting game on the macOS, but how are they doing it?

How Can I Play Phasmophobia On MacOS?

If you want to play this popular ghost hunting game on macOS, you’ll have to suck it up and use one of the software programs designed for Mac users to play PC games. Unfortunately, since there’s no native macOS support for Phasmophobia, you could run into some issues.

What Issues Do Players Run Into Playing Phasmophobia On MacOS?

If you absolutely insist on sticking with your Mac to try and play PC games, then you should already know the inherent risks of using virtual software:

  • You could run into performance issues with Phasmophobia such as stuttering, crashing, or overall poor performance.
  • You could run into more bugs or graphical issues. Since the game you’re trying to play isn’t native to the system you’re trying to force it onto, you’re not going to get the full graphical experience.

If you still insist on playing on your Mac, the popular method is using “Boot Camp.” Launch Boot Camp on the Mac and install the Windows operating system. While this allows players to play Phasmophobia natively, there are still risks for performance issues.

Hopefully, Kinetic Games works on a Mac version of Phasmophobia soon. However, there doesn’t look to be anything in the near future in the works.

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