Is Orange Oasis Optional In Omori?

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Omori Game Wiki Train Station Jash That Is A Train Pass

So you’ve defeated Space Ex-Boyfriend, got his train pass, and explored the real world for a bit? Now, it’s time to come back to the dream world and see what the train pass is all about. Head over to the train station where there’s no longer anyone standing in your way than Train Station Jash, who is simply doing his job.

Omori Game Wiki Do You Want To Board The Train

Omori Game Wiki Train Station A Case Full Little Bones

Hop onto the train and see that you’re about to enter a clearly disturbing environment with cases full of weird items. You’ll also see specters idly sitting around with newspapers with nothing to say other than mentioning the need to go home.

Omori Game Wiki Train Station Fully Dark

Omori Game Wiki Stomps Aubrey Takes 35 Damage

After continuing to the left, the train light will begin to flicker. Soon, it will go out, and you’ll run into a creature that has all of Omori’s friends afraid except for Omori himself.

Omori Game Wiki Conductor Jash Welcome To Orange Oasis

Omori Game Wiki Train Station Toast

After defeating this creature, Omori and friends arrive at Orange Oasis (also notice how all the specters are now toasted?)


However, you could have avoided all that. Yes, for a completionist, Orange oasis is a fun little area to explore. However, it does not progress the story at all. The Orange Oasis area is completely optional.

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