Is Omori Worth It?

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Is Omori Worth It
Is Omori Worth It

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The Steam Winter sale is here. However, a psychological-horror game that was released after the Winter sale started, Omori, is sitting at full price on Steam at 19.99 USD. Is Omori worth the price tag?

The Hype Was Real

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Whether the game is good or not is still up for debate, but the hype surrounding the game was very real. Since the game was funded in 2014 on Kickstarter, it has amassed a following due to its similarities to the Mother (Earthbound) series and surreal horror. However, the hype has fluctuated over the years as development updates for the game went silent, leading many to believe the game wasn’t happening. Fortunately, the game is finally in our hands but is it worth it?

Omori Is Worth The Price

Omori Video Game Opening Screen

You have to read the screen before the game starts warning you that there are themes such as suicide and anxiety in the game that keeps you on the edge of your seat for about twenty hours.

It might not be suitable for all audiences, but those who want something immersive outside of mainstream titles need to look at Omori as a Christmas present to themselves. You’ll be invested in the story as much as those who waited over half a decade for the game. Be prepared to feel a mix of emotions, from fear to sadness. If a game elicits that much emotion from players, then it’s well worth a 19.99 USD price tag.

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