Is Omori Safe For Kids?

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Is Omori Safe For Kids
Is Omori Safe For Kids

When you first look at the Omori game, it looks adorable.

Omori Game Hand Drawn Characters And Animations

You’ll see adorable characters—hand-drawn animations and everything else that looks like it will appeal to children. However, don’t let the visuals fool you. Omori is anything but cute and wholesome (for the most part).

Omori Trigger Warning

Omori Game Warning Caution

The developers for Omori did a good job of warning players before the game even starts that the game contains some heavy subjects. Here are the uncomfortable topics Omori covers:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide

These themes are shown through visuals, gameplay, dialogue, and cutscenes throughout the game.

Graphic Moments In The Game

Omori Game Contains Disturbing Scenes

While most of the game is cute and wholesome, the rest of the game is very disturbing. There are a couple of traditional jump scares (as you would find with any psychological-horror game). However, it’s the upsetting graphical imagery that can get a little rough, even for adults.

Omori Is Not For Children

Omori Video Game Is Not For Children

Omori has subject matter that the cute cartoon aesthetic can’t cover-up. The heavy content might be even too much for the steel-hearted adults. This game could potentially give nightmares to younger children. It’s something you can get them when they’re older and can handle the themes. However, even if they’re ignorant to some of the games’ themes, it’s not something you want them to see until they’re older.

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