Is Omori On Xbox?

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Is Omori On Xbox

Omori has been out for a month now, and gamers everywhere are wondering if Omori is on systems like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch (or if the developers plan to port to the consoles at all).

What Consoles Is Omori On?

Omori Game Boss Screen On Lost Sprouts

When Omori first funded on Kickstarter, there were plans to bring it to an older Nintendo handheld system. However, when Omori was released last month, it was only released for Steam. It’s not even on the Mac. Those who funded the Kickstarter are wondering when they’re getting a console port.

We already know Omori is not on the Nintendo Switch. Omori is also not on the PlayStation 4, but what about the Xbox?

Is Omori On The Xbox?

Omori Game Screen Main Character

Omori released after the Xbox Series X/S came out in November. However, Omori has been in development for almost a decade, around the time the Xbox One was released. If Omori were to be on any Xbox system, it would make the most sense for Omori to be on the Xbox One. Right now, it doesn’t look like Omori will get a port to the next-generation systems. This includes the Xbox Series X/S. However, the Xbox One is not out of the question.

Omocat, the developer behind Omori, has already confirmed on a developer blog that they have console ports in the work. However, there’s no confirmation of which consoles Omori will eventually get a port too. Hopefully, the Xbox is included in the plan.

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