Is Omori On The PlayStation 4?

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Is Omori On The PlayStation 4

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When Omori was under development, many were wondering if it would appear on the PlayStation 4 system. However, while some speculated if Omori would be out for the PS4, it was released on Christmas Day 2020 on Steam for PC and Mac, but what about the consoles?

Omori Isn’t On The PlayStation Store, Yet

Omori Video Game Photo Album

One of the first things PlayStation users did when they found out Omori finally dropped was to see if they could find it on the PlayStation store. However, they were dismayed when it wasn’t.

After a quick search, it looks like Omori’s release for the PS4 is delayed a bit as they prepare the game for a console port from Omocat’s blog:

Omori Video Game Development Blog Entries

Will Omori Come Out For The PS4?

Hopefully, the PlayStation 4 or Switch release of Omori will be soon, but, for now, players will have to play Omori on Steam or Mac. While Omocat does mention a console port, we’re assuming it’s the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as many are speculating, but there’s still work to be done before that can happen.

For those playing on the PC or Mac, what do you think of Omori so far?

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