Is Omori On The Nintendo Switch?

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Is Omori On The Nintendo Switch

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After an almost seven-year wait, Omori is finally in our hands. Unfortunately, it’s not literally in our hands in the form of a mobile platform. When Omori was first funded on Kickstarter, one of the stretch goals was a Nintendo 3DS version. However, since the game was funded, we’ve gone from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch. Does this mean Omori is getting a Switch port?

Omori Is Getting A Console Port

Omori Video Game Development Article

After Omori was released on Christmas Day, a thank you blog post was sent out confirming the plans for a console port of the game. However, there’s no indication as to which console is getting a port. It makes the most sense for the Nintendo Switch to get a port of a top-down roleplaying game like Omori (especially since we’ll likely never get Earthbound on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch). However, rumors are swirling that there will also be a PlayStation 4 version of Omori. We’re not sure how that will be possible with an RPG Maker-made game, but it seems they’ve since moved on from the RPG Maker platform to another platform, so there’s a possibility.

Will Omori Release For The Nintendo Switch?

Omori Video Game Scene Park

We will most likely see a release of Omori on the Switch, but we don’t have a timeline yet. We only have confirmation from Omocat that a port is happening without any additional details.

Are you hoping the console Omocat talks about is a Nintendo Switch version of Omori?

Is Omori On Xbox?

Omori On the Nintendo Switch Means We will Be Depressed on Mobile

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