Is Monster Hunter Coming Back To A Nintendo Console?

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Monster Hunter Video Game
Monster Hunter Video Game

It’s been some time since the last main series Monster Hunter title came to a Nintendo console with Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. There was a spin-off, Monster Hunter Generations, released for the Nintendo 3DS with a port to the Nintendo Switch.

Many were upset when the most recent main series Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter: World, skipped the Nintendo Switch entirely. However, it makes sense that Monster Hunter: World wasn’t on the Nintendo Switch because development for the game started long before the announcement of the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter: World Announcement Trailer

Now, it looks like Capcom is getting ready to make an announcement for a new Monster Hunter title. However, this time, instead of the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, it looks like it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it’s going to be a main series Monster Hunter title or just a spin-off. One of the only things confirmed so far for the upcoming Monster Hunter title for the Nintendo Switch is it will run on the RE Engine. While that might open up the possibility of a port of Capcom’s recent Resident Evil titles like RE7, RE3, or RE2 remakes, that idea was quickly squashed because of how poorly they would run on the Switch. Capcom even had to confirm that Monster Hunter World would never be coming to the Nintendo Switch, so it makes more sense that a title would go directly to the Switch.

Another confirmation from Capcom is the title is most likely going to be dumbed down a lot for younger children. Capcom told investors that the Nintendo Switch’s title in development will be something easily played by middle school-aged children. Whether that means there’s not going to be an intricate skills or crafting system remains to be seen. This probably means the game will be dumbed down, so there isn’t a lot to figure out.

Knowing Capcom is dumbing down the title a bit makes us believe it won’t be a main series Monster Hunter title. It would potentially be a spin-off while Capcom continues to develop DLC for Monster Hunter: World for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. However, only time will tell while we wait for an official announcement from Capcom.

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