Is Labyrinthine Playable With A Controller?

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Is Labyrinthine Playable With A Controller
Is Labyrinthine Playable With A Controller

While Labyrinthine is short and has no replayability at the moment in its early access stage, there are some wondering if they must traverse the dark maze and solve puzzles with a mouse and keyboard. Surely, there’s a way to play Labyrinthine on a gamepad for those who don’t aren’t used to the mouse and keyboard. Is it possible?

Can You Play Labyrinthine With A Gamepad?

Labyrinthe Video Game Forest Maze

If you’re a controller player wanting to explore the dark world of Labyrinthine, then you’re in luck. One of the developers of Labyrinthine has confirmed that the game is playable with a controller.

However, there’s a catch for those wanting to play with a gamepad: you’ll need to remap all of the keys.

How Can You Remap The Keys In Labyrinthine?

If you want to play Labyrinthine with your gamepad, you’ll need to remap your keys. You have to open the game and remap the keys in the in-game menu. You’re unable to do this with the demo version of the game as it hasn’t been updated in some time. It looks like you’re still unable to invert the Y-axis with the gamepad now, but that should come in a future update.

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