Is It Time For The NFL To Drop EA Sports

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Is It Time For The NFL To Drop EA Sports
Is It Time For The NFL To Drop EA Sports

Madden 21 dropped on August 28th, much to the collective groan of NFL fans. Developed and published by EA Sports, Madden continues to fall out of favors with fans who have been so disenfranchised with how EA is handling the Madden series. Upon its release, Madden 21 was review-bombed, and for a good reason: EA did absolutely nothing new while slapping a full-price tag on the game.

Not only were there no changes, but the game was bugged to the point where it was unplayable. It would be understandable if the bugs were something EA took care of right away, but the bugs in Madden 21 were the same exact bugs from previous Madden titles. It’s almost if EA is doing absolutely nothing to the franchise except for putting fancier graphics on an old game while increasing microtransactions.

It’s not like EA really cares too much about what their consumers say as they’re bringing in millions a year off of microtransactions alone off games like Madden and Fifa. It isn’t just their sports’ franchises that are suffering from a lack of care. They had an entire loot box controversy when they released Star Wars Battlefront 2. In part, the backlash was to their poorly balanced loot system that encouraged players to just buy what they wanted instead through loot boxes. Fortunately, there was enough of an uproar around Star Wars Battlefront 2 that EA’s share price dropped after the launch, which caused them billions in stock value.

Hopefully, there is enough of a social media uproar this time around to convince the NFL to look into its partnership with EA. When the NFL partnered with EA, they haven’t been able to launch a lot of original NFL titles except for the Madden series.

Unfortunately for a lot of players, that might not happen until 2026 as the National Football League and Electronic Arts have extended their partnership until then. That means the NFL can’t extend its licensing to one many players were hoping for like 2k Sports.

However, money talks, and if there was enough of an uproar about Star Wars Battlefront 2 to warrant a change, then hopefully, social media can band together to finally get the NFL out of its deal with EA who clearly doesn’t care about the franchise.

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