Is It “Resident Evil 8” Or “Resident Evil Village”?

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Is It “Resident Evil 8” Or “Resident Evil Village”

Even though the producers of the eighth installment came out to clarify that it is indeed the eighth installment, there are still those who are confused by Capcom’s wording.

“You can even see the roman numeral 8 in the game logo, so it’s Resident Evil 8, just not in name,” states Tsuyoshi Kanda, one of the producers for the eight Resident Evil game.

He’s not wrong; they did purposely put the roman numerals of “VIII” in the logo of the upcoming Resident Evil game:

Capcom doesn’t want to officially come out and say, “this game is called: Resident Evil 8.” In fact, they’ve made sure to give a confusing statement along the lines of “it’s the eighth resident Evil, but let’s not call it that.”

Let’s try to make it less confusing:

  • Capcom wants you to refer to the game as “Resident Evil Village.”
  • They want you to know it’s the eighth Resident Evil game.
  • They put the roman numerals for “8” IN the word “Village.”
  • But don’t call it “Resident Evil 8.”

As far as Capcom is concerned, just don’t say it around them.

But honestly, you can call it whatever you want.

Us game writers will have a field day trying to figure this one out for search engine optimization reasons.

What are you going to call the eighth installment of the Resident Evil series?

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