Is Glover on The Nintendo Switch?

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Is Glover on The Nintendo Switch

Glover, the much-beloved platformer for the Nintendo 64 is getting a remaster for Steam, but is Glover also coming out for the Switch?

In Glover, take control of a cute little glove appropriately named: Glover. The point of the game is to use Glover to move the ball to the end of the level. Fortunately, Glover can do much more than just roll the ball. Glover can dribble the ball, bounce it (or on it), throw it, or even walk on it.

Players can also turn the ball into different forms, such as a bowling ball or a rubber ball, which changes the physics of the ball to work around different obstacles. Of course, you do not want to risk getting the ball destroyed, as it will reset you from the last checkpoint.

When Is Glover Remaster Coming Out?

When Is Glover Remaster Coming Out

The Glover game on Steam is not a sequel to glover, it is a Glover remake. The Glover game PC release is set for April 20th, 2022. Funny enough, this is also known as International Weed Day. There is nothing more relaxing than rolling a ball around on that day, but will Nintendo Switch players get to play the Glover remake?

Is Glover Game Coming Out for The Nintendo Switch?

Right now, there is no word of a Switch port for Glover. Even looking through the Nintendo Store does not bring up any hits for Glover. One would think a much-beloved game for the Nintendo 64 would make its appearance as a port on the Switch, but there are currently no plans.

Piko Interactive, a company that is focused on remastering old video games, is responsible for remastering Glover for current computers. However, their goal is only to remaster titles for the computer, so expect to see Glover on or Steam, but not the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch players who want to play Glover would have to settle for the Steam version, for now. Piko Interactive also plans to release the previously unreleased Glover 2, so maybe Switch players should look into a Steamdeck coming out later this year.

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