Is FFXIV Endsinger Extreme Worth Doing?

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FFXIV Is Endsinger Extreme Worth Doing

Extreme trials are optional in Final Fantasy XIV. There are players who choose to ignore extreme versions of trials in the game. Older extreme trials, such as Byakko Extreme or Titan Extreme, merely offer mounts on top of their outdated gear. Of course, with extreme trials that accompany current content, it always helps to upgrade gear when you are not up to par with current savage raids.

What Do You Get from Endsinger Extreme?

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria has rewards similar to those from Hydaelyn Extreme loot. Of course, with both dropping weapons, it is always a good idea to go for the gear that provides the highest item level. Between the two, the list of weapons from Endsinger extreme offers gear at 595 item level.

Endsinger Extreme drops two Ultimatum tokens, a weapon coffer, and a rare chance for a lynx mount.

Is It Worth Doing Endsinger Extreme In FFXIV?

Players need an item level of 580 to enter the Endsinger Extreme encounter. That is easy if you’ve spent the past couple of months farming gear from Asphodelos, having 580 gear crafted, getting 580 gear from Hydaelyn and Zodiark, or getting 590 gear from Astronomy tomes. There’s also savage content that offers item level 600+ gear, but not everyone in Final Fantasy XIV is on the savage raiding level.

FFXIV Endsinger Extreme

Endsinger Extreme is worth doing with a full party of like-minded adventurers to obtain item level 595 weapons. They are a step above upgraded 590 crafted gear, and the non-upgraded weapons obtained from the astronomy tomes. You only need two Ultimatum tokens to purchase a weapon in Radz-At-Han, if you’re not lucky enough to get one from a weapon coffer.

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