Is Coromon Worth It In 2022? A Quick Review

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Is Coromon Worth It In 2022 A Quick Review

Coromon has been around for some time in the early stages with its Reddit page opening up in 2017, but is Coromon worth playing in 2022? The game was only recently fully released last month, on March 31st, 2022, for Steam. With the Nintendo Switch version of Coromon delayed due to the developers wanting to optimize their cross-platform play, there are some wondering if Coromon is worth it.

So Far, So Good with Coromon

Coromon is a classic monster-taming genre

So far, there are very positive reviews for the monster-taming game that some say would “dethrone” Pokémon. While we’re not quick to claim a game that looks like a mix between Stardew Valley and Omori is ready to dethrone a decades-old franchise, it’s already a good sign that thousands of players have already picked up the game on Steam. In Coromon, players can build a team of over one hundred different creatures in a stamina-based battle system. Not only is the battle system interesting, but there is a great story with a catchy soundtrack that truly scratches the itch for those looking for rewarding turn-based gameplay.

Is Coromon Worth It?

Coromon brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat

On Steam, Coromon is 19.99 USD to purchase the game by itself. If you want the Coromon Deluxe Bundle, you will have to pay 24.28 for the game and the Coromon Soundtrack. We say that Coromon is worth playing in 2022, but it is still worth waiting for a sale. It is not the end of the world not to get Coromon right away, especially since they are still optimizing cross-platform features for the Nintendo Switch and other systems.

If you watch to scratch your Coromon itch right now and play through a game that looks like a classic JRPG, then it is worth it on Steam now. However, if you are not in a hurry to play Coromon, then you can either wait for a sale on Steam or for the Nintendo Switch version.

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