Is Coromon on The Nintendo Switch?

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Is Coromon on The Nintendo Switch

Coromon, a game that looks like the lovechild of Pokémon and Omori, gives us strong Nintendo Switch vibes, but is Coromon available on the Switch? Coromon was released last month on March 31, 2022, and it’s already garnering very positive reviews on Steam. This monster-taming game brings fresh life into the monster-taming genre with classic turn-based battles and puzzles in a game that drowns us in cute pixel art. With pixels that rival Stardew Valley, Omori, or Pokémon, it fits all the criteria for a Nintendo Switch game.

Is Coromon on The Switch?

Is Coromon on Switch

According to the Coromon website, the stamina-based monster-taming game is supposed to get a release for Windows, MacOS, Switch, iOS, tvOS, and Android. While the Steam version of Coromon, along with its deluxe bundle that includes a soundtrack, was released on Steam on March 31, 2022, there is still no Switch release of Coromon.

The Switch Release for Coromon Was Delayed

While there is confirmation of a Switch release for Coromon, the game was unfortunately delayed to work on cross-platform features.

Coromon Tragsoft Announcement delay in game release

According to the TRAFsoft Team on Twitter, the developers behind Coromon, the game was delayed to optimize online features. Fortunately, many players who were looking forward to Coromon on the Nintendo Switch were understanding of the delay.

Currently, there is no release date for Coromon on the Nintendo Switch but keep an eye on GameDom for updated information. Hopefully, the delay for Coromon on the Switch is not too long. We are hoping the release date for Coromon on the Switch is still within the 2022 year.

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