Is A Third Perfect Dark Game In The Works?

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Perfect Dark Video Game
Perfect Dark Video Game

Does anyone even remember the Perfect Dark games? The original Perfect Dark debuted twenty years ago for the Nintendo 64 and has since released a Game Boy Color title in 2000, an Xbox 360 title in 2005, and a remaster of the N64 game in 2010.

The game isn’t so much a series as it is two games and a remaster if you think about it. While there was a fictional universe fleshed out in novels and comics, nothing much has come of the series since.

In the Perfect Dark series, players take control of Joanna Dark, an agent of a fictional institute known as the Carrington Institute. The name “Perfect Dark” was a nickname given to her by Carrington Institute. It’s a whole science-fiction game that has alliances, futuristic technology, and powerful weapons.

The Perfect Dark series left behind a legacy because of its great reviews and high replay value. Despite looking better than Goldeneye 007, it wasn’t as much of a hit for some reason, which many believed to be tragic. Despite its commercial success and getting ranked number 15 on IGN’s Top 100 Games Ever list, no one tried to capitalize on the success of the series. However, it looks like everything will change with rumors buzzing around regarding a third Perfect Dark game. The best part is, with the timing of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, we might be able to see Joanna Dark in all her 4k high-definition glory. When Microsoft decided to gobble up a bunch of studios, it used the assets to create a studio known as “The Initiative.” This would be an “AAAA” studio that would develop a major title for their new Xbox console.

Right now, there are no major details. There are only rumors based on an article written after some twitch comments were made. With Fable getting a reboot, it’s not improbable that The Initiative is looking to revive another series from the dead. Microsoft is trying to capitalize on nostalgia, after all, to compete with Sony’s PlayStation. It only makes sense to pick one of the most fan-favorite games of the past generation. For now, we just have to sit and wait for more details.

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