Iron Man VR

Game Description

Tony Stark has left the guns to build better technologies to fight evil such as Iron Man. After a few years of working as a vigilante in the world, Tony is targeted by the enigmatic Phantom. He is a hacker who reuses Stark Industries’ old weapons.

To attempt to overthrow his kingdom, Phantom assaults Stark on a rash last combat mission.

Here two PlayStation Move action controls can be used to trigger Iron Man’s jets and carry the weapons into the clouds. In Tony Stark’s workshop, you will customize your weapons and abilities. Finally, in action-packed battle, when all is at risk, you will face one of the biggest foes of Iron Man.

The first feeling is really nice when you’re playing Iron Man in this latest exclusive Playstation virtual reality title. This is because of two factors: First, the Iron Man from the MCU series, unlike classic comics of the superhero, still utilizes the augmented realism and the suit as a sort of reality. Digital. Digital. It’s easy to imagine what Tony Stark sees inside the armour as it’s the same as if we put on our headset in so many VR games: floating signs, signals which change and complement what we’re expected to see.

Iron Man is a superhero with several features, almost the same control scheme as VR-games: on the one side, palms are like guns you can fire a projectile.

You often use your hands to navigate. On the other hand, you use palm thrusters to monitor the trajectory and pace of travel. Thanks to the VR, its movements become easily intuitive.

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