Insurgency Sandstorm

Game Description

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a tactical strategy game played in the Middle East conflict. It focuses on realism in the first hand.

The title can give fans a multi-player and cooperative environment with increased engagement in the game that displays complicated and extremely accurate maps. This enables users to enjoy the tactical action of the insurgency saga, while fighting is unleashed.

The game will allow us to participate in large-scale battles with 16 teams, mixing artillery and land attacks with helicopters and drones. The map size is, on the other side, changed in the cooperative mode against bots for each game mode (push, firefight and seize the base in addition to checkpoint, action and outpost for coop).

Sandstorm version is resurrected, revamped, extended and in every way strengthened. Witness the strength of contemporary fighting in which the opportunity to play as a squad is valued and earned. Prepare for a gritty picture of combat, deadly ballistics, light assault cars, destructive cannons and HDR audio that reverts to terror.

Travel rapidly through war-torn situations of the modern Middle East in a futuristic battle. Death arrives rapidly, so you must manage ammo cautiously, and each move toward victory must be tactically navigated.

You can change your avatar in an uprising game for the first time to reveal your veteran with various clothes, weapons, shoes, and voices of origin. Coordinate your team support shooting, take on enemies with machine guns installed by vehicles and go head-to-head in quick, highly competitive small group games. To outstrip, pass, and be smarter than the enemy, use new weapons and upgrades.

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