Insurgency Sandstorm Debuts Operation Nightfall

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Insurgency Sandstorm Update
Insurgency Sandstorm Update

Insurgency: Sandstorm took locals and strangers by surprise in 2018. Thanks to its responsive controls and extraordinary audio, and true to New World Interactive’s promise from day one, the FPS has just received Nightfall.

It is a new free update that offers the option to enjoy cooperative maps in night mode for the first time in-game history, and as part of the most significant patch the game has ever received.

This is all free and parallel with this change. Of course, it comes with various types of night glasses, adjustments to artificial intelligence, flashlights, lenses and laser accessories, as well as a wide repertoire of skins, including infrared strobes, 5 new weapons and the Tideway map. This is all free, but New World Interactive also announced its first two paid skin sets.

“Night mode is available in co-op with enhanced enemy intelligence, which responds to light and uses night gear, and night maps can also be played in PVP on limited-time game lists and community servers,” the study explained.

When Can We Play the Campaign?

Released at the end of 2018 on PC, it has more than a million players behind it. Insurgency Sandstorm will be playable for free next weekend on PC via Steam.

This has been announced by New World Interactive to celebrate the arrival this week of version 1.3. Here, any user of the Valve platform will be able to enjoy all the content and news of this new patch from next Thursday 20 to Monday, June 24, at no cost. Furthermore, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting August 25.

Besides Nightfall, yesterday, we have received another new update. This time, there is an arcade mode in which we must survive waves of zombies, along with a new map, a review of the Original Ministry scenario, as well as new weapons with QBZ-03 and TAR-21 MARS rifles for insurgents and VHS-2 and MRO “Micro Red Dot” rifles for security soldiers.

Indeed, its managers have assured that they intend to continue offering support for their first-person action videogame throughout 2019 and 2020. There will be a support for mods and free new content such as maps, weapons and game modes.

New World Interactive will continue with its plans to keep the title updated. Therefore, we will see new content throughout the year.

With over a million players in its PC version in the first year of life, the award-winning Insurgency: Sandstorm tactical shooter has been recognized for its realistic depiction of modern warfare, focused on deadly melee combat, as well as a multiplayer-oriented to the fulfilment of objectives and with predominance in cooperative play.

Now Insurgency: Sandstorm invites Xbox One gamers to prepare for a realistic depiction of combat with destructive artillery and unparalleled audio design that will make us feel scared with every bullet. Because death comes quickly, ammunition must be rationed, and a tactically addressed environment can enable our path to victory.

Image credits; New World Interactive

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