Impostor Handbook: The 3 Ws of Killing Crewmates in Among Us

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Impostor Handbook_ The 4 Ws of Killing Crewmates
Impostor Handbook_ The 4 Ws of Killing Crewmates

Impostors are the most nuanced role to have in Among Us. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing considering there are so many aspects of the role to master. We’ve already explored essential tips[1]  for kickstarting your Impostor career. We’ve also looked at some more detailed tips[2]  to help you win.

In this post, we’re going to go into the nitty-gritty and minutiae of picking your victims. When deciding the Crewmates you will slay, you have to consider the 3 Ws: Where, When and Who. Naturally, all of these are accompanied by a Why, too.


to kill

  • Admin
    • You can kill lights to slay in the dark.
    • You can quickly make your way to a lot of other rooms to take out Crewmates quickly without venting.
    • You can use it as a good retreating point.
  • Electrical
    • Great early-game camping spot as it has tons of tasks for Crewmates to do.
    • You can get an easy sabotage after you vent out and no one has reported after a bit of time has passed.
  • Security
    • Pretty much the same reasons as Electrical

…NOT to kill

  • Medbay
    • The hallway to Medbay has cameras and it’s super easy for someone watching to support someone seeing you walk out of the room.
  • Hallways, Cafeteria and Storage
    • These locations are all pretty out in the open and it’s hard to get a full lay of the land around you. There’s always a chance a Crewmate is passing by.

When to Kill

The obvious time to kill someone as an Impostor in Among Us is when you’re alone with them and nobody is around to see you do it. Another good time to kill is when you know that all suspicion is off you as much as possible. Finally, and this is quite risky, but another good time to kill someone is when a single Crewmate walks in a room where you’ve killed another with enough time for the kill cooldown to reset.

Who to Kill

Paying attention to Crewmate behavior is important when determining your next target. It’s also vital that you quickly determine who has been cleared of all suspicion. These guys should be your prime targets as they can no longer be manipulated or accused. Be aware, however, that they are most likely to be buddied up once they’ve been proven innocent. This can also be an opportune moment to take a risk as you can kill the innocent Crewmate and immediately report their buddy. On the flip side, avoid killing Crewmates who’re being reckless with their accusations and the things they say. You can freely assume they will tighten their own noose and eventually get ejected.

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