Immortals Fenyx Rising Story Trailer Impressions

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Story Trailer Impressions
Immortals Fenyx Rising Story Trailer Impressions

December is getting closer, which means we’re going to get our hands on this oddly confusing mixture of Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

“Don’t interrupt my knowledge!”

The story trailer shows off how monsters have taken over the world. Monsters that even the gods can’t even handle. The gods bestow their abilities on Fenyx as she climbs and glides through the land as Zeus and Prometheus provide hilarious commentary in the background.

The two gods’ commentary really made the new story trailer pop compared to the first trailer and showed Fenyx as she lands on the beach with nothing, ready to take on the terrifying monsters plaguing the gods.

If you know anything about Greek Mythology (or have at least seen Disney’s Hercules), you would know Greek monsters are nothing to mess with. Greek gods may be gods, but they often need the mortals’ help to keep them safe. It’s a weird relationship. When you think of gods, you think of all-powerful beings capable of shattering the entire Earth with a single lightning bolt, but not in Greek mythology, apparently.

Nevertheless, it looks like this story trailer was able to convince many who were sitting on the fence to give Immortals Fenyx Rising a try. Some weren’t impressed with the humor, but sometimes it helps to bring humor into something that sounds awfully generic.

Check out the Immortals Fenyx Rising: Story Trailer and let us know if Ubisoft has convinced you to try their game.


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