I’m Always Getting Fingerprints On Phasmophobia’s New Prison Map

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I’m Always Getting Fingerprints On Phasmophobia’s New Prison Map
I’m Always Getting Fingerprints On Phasmophobia’s New Prison Map

If you were like us, you jumped into the new prison map in Phasmophobia as soon as it went live. We’ve all eagerly awaited the new map as soon as it was moved to “in progress” on the developer’s workboard. However, we knew there were bound to be a few issues once the map came out. Anyone who thinks everything would be smooth sailing on an unstable beta build lives a pretty optimistic life.

Why Are We Getting Fingerprints?

Fingerprints are one of the pieces of evidence you need to determine the ghost type you’re dealing with. You need a UV flashlight or glowsticks to locate fingerprints on a door, window, or light switch.

We Already Have Three Pieces Of Evidence

While the prison map is relatively large (not as big as Asylum), there are still only three places fingerprints could be. You’ll find them on the cell doors, windows, or light switches. Once you see a light switch flicker, the sound of a cell door opening or closing, or tapping on a window, that’s an indication you should look for fingerprints. However, if you already have three pieces of evidence, then fingerprints are false evidence.

Is This A Bug?

Yes, many players reported finding fingerprints on every single run through the prison. The developer has since patched this bug, but if you’re still having issues, make sure you’re checking for every piece of evidence to be 100% sure you’re dealing with a ghost that leaves fingerprints.

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