Ideas For Phasmophobia Steam Achievements

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Ideas For Phasmophobia Steam Achievements
Ideas For Phasmophobia Steam Achievements

Phasmophobia is still in its alpha state (and its unstable beta phase), so it doesn’t have any Steam achievements right now. However, after putting an embarrassing amount of time into Phasmophobia, we’ve come up with a couple of ideas for some Steam achievements that we’d like to see. Keep in mind; we already know easy stuff like “detect a ghost with an EMF reader” is an easy one; we thought of some that should be harder to get.

The Impatient Ghost

Some of us have become masters in placing a ghostwriting book against a wall and placing one of the video cameras in front of it, hoping to watch for ghostwriting from a safe location. However, others have had some ghost types that are so impatient; they write in the book before they even leave your hands. That should be an achievement.

Smile For The Camera

We know how hard it is for the paparazzi to get good photos of the celebrity they’re stalking because most of the time, they’re doing it while on the move. Now, imagine trying to get a photo of a ghost while it’s hunting? Few people ever do because, as soon as the lights start flashing, they’re running and screaming. The few brave souls who turn around for a picture with the photo camera should get an achievement (even if a Revenant overruns them).

I Can Hear You

Few people (if any) use the parabolic microphone. In the hundreds of games I’ve played, I’ve only ever seen someone pick it up twice, and it was just because we were so bored waiting for a ghost, we were filling up the ghost’s location with random items. Anyone who successfully picks up ghost activity with the parabolic microphone should be awarded for it with an achievement.


Imagine this: getting dirty water when the ghost is a Jinn, and its room is nowhere near a sink. Right? How? The Steam achievement would show 0.0% for, “Getting dirty water with a Jinn whose room is not near a sink.”

What Steam achievements would you like to see in Phasmophobia?

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