Ideas For More Optional Objectives In Phasmophobia

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Ideas For More Optional Objectives In Phasmophobia
Ideas For More Optional Objectives In Phasmophobia

The optional objectives in Phasmophobia aren’t mandatory, but they do help bring in more money at the end and make a round worth the time. You don’t want to walk out of a half-hour ghost hunting session with only $30, do you? While the current ten optional objectives are okay, we could do with a more diverse list of objectives to make the game a little more fun.

What Are The Current Optional Objectives In Phasmophobia?

Here are the ten objectives that can show up on the whiteboard. They can show up in any combination:

  • Discover what type of Ghost we are dealing with
  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost Event
  • Capture a photo of the Ghost
  • Capture a photo of Dirty Water in a sink
  • Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF Reader
  • Detect a room below 10 Celsius/50 Fahrenheit with a Thermometer
  • Detect a Ghosts presence with a Motion Sensor
  • Cleanse the area near the Ghost using Smudge Sticks
  • Prevent the Ghost from hunting with a Crucifix
  • Get a Ghost to walk through Salt

What Are Some Ideas For More Optional Objectives In Phasmophobia?

Here are some ideas we’ve had for more optional objectives to make the game more fun (or scarier, to some):

  • Find out the ghost’s name.

It isn’t very fun knowing the ghost’s name going into a location. They should expand the spirit box, Ouija board, or have clues around the house for players to figure out the ghost’s name.

  • Detect ghost activity with the parabolic microphone.

Right now, there’s not much use for the parabolic microphone. Some solo players use it in larger locations, but they’re generally left in the truck as it’s easy for players to catch each other’s sound while sweeping an area. Having this objective should make the parabolic microphone more relevant.

  • Detect sounds with a sound sensor.

Imagine the motion sensor objective, but with a sound sensor instead.

  • Hunt without a flashlight.

This could either be a daily objective or an optional one, but imagine hunting without a flashlight? The UV flashlight wouldn’t count since it’s needed (along with a glowstick) to find fingerprints, but it would make hunting a lot scarier.

  • Find out how the ghost died.

This would be fun to add in each location. Have a bloody knife laying on a counter or something to indicate how the ghost died there in the first place.

What are some more ideas you have for optional objectives in Phasmophobia?

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