Hyper Scape Is Getting The Anthem Treatment

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Hyper Scape Is Getting The Anthem Treatment
Hyper Scape Is Getting The Anthem Treatment

Hyper Scape was supposed to be the next big thing from Ubisoft. We’ve heard that before, haven’t we?

Anthem was primed to be the next big thing for BioWare. It was supposed to compete with, and even exceed, Destiny 2. However, that was not the case. Not even a year after release, the developers announced they wouldn’t update Anthem anymore and give it a complete makeover.

History is repeating itself with Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape Will Get An Overhaul

On the outside, Hyper Scape looked like it could have been the next Fortnite. A free-to-play battle royale from Ubisoft with polished graphics in a futuristic setting. However, it’s not the graphics keeping the game from reaching its potential; it’s the gameplay.

If we learned anything from the original Final Fantasy XIV, graphics don’t mean a thing with bad gameplay. You can have the prettiest game in the world, but if your game is marred by a lack of direction, difficulty gameplay, and unforgiving game modes, then people aren’t going to stick around.

Hyper Scape’s Overhaul Won’t Take Too Long

When you think of the word “overhaul,” you think of the years Final Fantasy XIV was offline before its remake or the uncertainty of when Anthem will re-release.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait very long for Hyper Scape’s overhaul, which will take place during its second season.

Hyper Scape Season 2 will release on October 6th, 2020. The graphics might look exactly the same, but the gameplay will be very different.

What Changes Are Coming To Hyper Scape’s Season 2?

There will be no graphical changes, but Hyper Scape Season 2 will see some new changes:

  1. Hyper Scape will introduce cross-play
  2. A new ranking system
  3. A daily login gift
  4. A training mode for onboarding new players
  5. Lowering the skill ceiling
  6. More game modes

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