How to Win In Among Us As an Impostor

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How to Win In Among Us As an Impostor
How to Win In Among Us As an Impostor

It’s fun being an Impostor in Among Us. It’s the role that everyone wants to be because they get to lie and deceive others as they kill their way to victory. This isn’t to say that being a Crewmate isn’t fun in its own way[1] , but being an Impostor is a big part of what makes the game a good old time. Don’t think it’s a walk in the park, though. Just because you get to stab people in the back indiscriminately, doesn’t mean you’ll have it easy as there are only up to 3 of you in a given game.

But don’t worry. We’ve got all the top tricks to help you become the sneakiest, stabbiest Impostor.

How to Fake Doing Tasks Like a Pro

While visual tasks are off the table for you due to your model not animating, you can still fake it ‘till you make it. Memorize where the regular tasks in each map are and when you see other people around you, stand in front of them and pretend you’re doing the task. Start moving when the task bar progresses and it will seem like you actually did the task. This will take some suspicion of you during meetings.

Don’t Be Like a Duck

You know what they say. If it quacks like an Impostor, then it is an Impostor. The general rule in Among Us is to try to blend in with the Crewmates so they don’t suspect you. In order to do this, you have to do what you’d normally do if you were a Crewmate. Go around, pretending to do tasks. Follow other Crewmates. Join in when a Sabotage occurs. Wandering around like you’re looking for someone to stab is the quickest way to be seen as sus.

Strike First, Strike Hard

Sooner or later some Crewmates will witness others doing a visual task that proves their innocence. This effectively makes them immune during meetings and also a big problem for you. Once a player has been cleared by others, you must put a big fat target on their back and dispose of them as quickly as possible. Among Us can quickly divulge into a numbers game and you want the number of sus players around you to be high.

Blend In the Crowd

One of the best times to strike without anyone suspecting you immediately is to perform a kill while in a big crowd. The animation happens quick and it’s likely people aren’t paying that much attention to you in particular. These moments are quite rare as people are always moving about doing tasks. If, however, you find yourself surrounded by a lot of players in close proximity, then do the old stabby stab and watch how everyone starts pointing fingers at each other. Be careful how you play this, however, because you’ll be in their sights as well.

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